Seafarer Crew

Your Charter Crew

Seafarer's crew are highly trained, dedicated professionals. They not only bring individual skills to the yacht's operation, but also the versatility to utilize them in varying and ever-changing conditions and locations. You set the pace. If you prefer discreet service on our yacht where the crew are unobtrusive but always available if needed, the captain, adept at assessing the requirements of each charter, will instruct the crew accordingly. For those who would like to be on more informal terms, you will find that the yacht's crew will react accordingly, but without compromising levels of service.

Seafarer's crew is able to offer formal and impeccable onboard service. As a team they are flexible and experts at adapting to your own personal style. The crew is there to please only you and they delight in going beyond the call of duty to ensure that your time spent onboard is memorable in every way. I would like to introduce the crew of Seafarer:

Captain: Tom Yost
Nationality: USA

Captain Tom is a highly professional, attention to detail individual with 35 + years experience on the water. As a private Yacht owner for 25 of his 35 years on the water he fully understands what is expected of a Captain and his crew and the safety and responsibilities that these positions demand and most import how to make your charter vacation one to remember! He is educated, well spoken, and has a personality not an "ego". He is an experienced Engineer, and trained in CPR, First Aid, STCW 95, Bridge Resource management, Radar Unlimited, and crew placement. He is a seasoned professional with over 45,000 nautical miles in the waters of the US East Coast, Atlantic Ocean, ICW, Gulf of Mexico, Bahamas, & Caribbean and the western rivers, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Ohio on Yachts and ships up to 302'. Combine this with the professional crew he has assembled on the Motor Yacht Seafarer and he guarantees your luxury yacht charter vacation will be one you will never forget!

Chef: Michael Scattergood
Nationality: USA

Chef Michael is the Executive Chef on Seafarer . He developed his passion for cooking at the young age of fifteen working under the direction of world famous Executive Chef Ms. Jennifer Hewes. Chef Michael has seventeen years of culinary experience and holds a degree in culinary arts and design. He is a master baker, and versed in many different culinary styles. He was Director of Food Operations at BMT in Albany, New York, a leading restaurant group where he gained valuable knowledge and experience in award winning 5 star dining presentations and menu planning. Chef Michael loves the personal touch when delivering his culinary delights and as the Executive Chef will customize a menu for each guest and will guarantee you an excellent culinary experience during your Luxury Charter yacht vacation on Seafarer .